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Nail Buffer

Looking for the best nail file, Dead Sea spa nail buffer for your nailcare? Are you ready for an instant manicure and pedicure with your nail file Dead Sea nail buffer? The Dead Sea Spa Care professional nail buffer is truly one of a kind. Your nails will look as though you jsut left the nail salon. Dead Sea Spa Care designed a Dead Sea nail buffer (Patented, Dead sea Nail Buffer, Patent Number US D459,548 S,) that will help bring out the natural shine in your nails in just seconds. Our professional Dead Sea nail buffer is truly one of a kind. Once you start using our Dead Sea nail buffer, you will soon find yourself ordering as presents for family and friends. Give the present of a nail spa from the comfort of your own home. People who purchase our Dead Sea nail buffer often also purchase our Dead Sea Spa Care Cuticle Oil Treatment which will moisturize your nail bed to promote healthy nail growth. People love our Dead Sea nail buffer because our Dead Sea spa nail buffer will leave your nails looking professionally manicured, as if you just left a nail salon. After using Dead Sea spa nail buffers, your nails will look like they have a clear coat of nail polish on them, but the difference is that they will be in their natural, healthy state. Don’t hesitate, for a nail care treat today, order a Dead Sea Spa Care nail buffer.


Before using the Dead Sea spa nail buffer, remove any nail polish from your nails, wash your hands with water and soap, and dry your hands thoroughly. Pick up the Dead Sea nail buffer by the finger indentions on the ends. Do not palm the Dead Sea buffer in your hand. Any natural oil you have on your hand will be absorbed by the material on the Dead Sea nail buffer, and will keep it from working as effectively.

If you have ridges on your nail, the blue side of the dead sea nail buffer will be the first step for you. If not, the black side of the dead sea nail buffer will be your first step, and you can use this blue side as an emery board. If do you have ridges, buff the top surface of the nail firmly for 3-5 seconds from side-to-side. The ridges are unhealthy, and keep the nail from growing. The blue side of the dead sea nail buffer should be used once a month, if necessary to remove ridges off the surface of the nail.

The second step to using the dead sea nail buffer is the black side. Buff the top surface of the nail gently with the black side for 2-3 strokes to prepare the nail surface. This side should be used once a week.

The final step of the dead sea nail buffer is the white side. Buff the surface of the nail pressing a little more firmly from side to side for 3-5 seconds with the white side to get the great shine results. The white side should be used once a week or more often if your nail needs a shine lift. (Please note, all oils and lotions should be applied after using the buffer.)

Nail Care Product Benefits:
  • Dead Sea Nail buffer promotes natural nail growth
  • Dead Sea Nail buffer brings out natural shine of nail
  • Dead Sea Nail buffer helps keep nails healthy in their natural state
  • Dead Sea Nail buffer helps stimulate blood flow to the nail
Product Reviews:

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My sister in law saw this nail buffer being demonstrated and we decided you could get a fair number of manicures for what they were charging, but we did think about it for a while. Then I saw this, ordered it and tried it. It is the same thing. My nails look absolutely beautiful. I don't like manicures because I trash them quickly and they look trashy. This buffer is a chemical free way of making your nails look flawless, healthy, shiny. It is unbelievable. I just ordered 5 more so I can share them with friends and send them as xmas presents. I can't wait to send it to my sister in law - who is now in Africa.

I searched for this particular block on the internet. I was given one of these as a gift by my girlfriend's young daughter about 10 years ago. I'm still using it. I am a man who never would have thought positive thoughts about a product to shine up my nails. Who cares right? Real men don't need shiny nails. When this 8-year old girl did one of my hands for me with it, I was flabbergasted. I immediately realized that it would be beneficial to me when I was dealing with my sales customers. They would notice them for sure. The little block they she gave me has lasted 10 years and I am just now thinking of replacing it. It's very easy to use and doesn't take very long to do both hands. My nails really come out looking shiny and smooth. It's very cool!

I was on vacation in the Carribean with two of my best friends, and we were on the beach everyday and in the water, andmy nails were drya nd brittle from being in the sun and water for 15 days.  We went to the mall and saw the Dead Sea Spa Care products at at kiosk and a lady came up to us and try the nail buffer on my nails. Right away I was sold. My nails look better than they have ever looked, and the smoothest they have ever been. The shine on my nail lasts for weeks. So when I came home, I ordered 8 more so I wouldn't run out. I am a stylist in VA Beach and I tell and try my Dead Sea Spa Care Nail buffer on all my clients, men and women. Thanks Dead Sea Spa Care for saving my nails! I rate this five stars! Shai

This product works like magic. Unbelievable. Recommend it to anyone. Really good. I rate it five stars! Paul

Better than a professional manicure!! Dixie

I bought one buffer to my wife and she was really impressed and happy whith the results, so right now im buying on line a few more in order to give them as gifts for the family. GREAT product indeed! Mexico

I had these nasty ridges for the longest time, and I actually forgot that I had purchased the nail buffer and oil. After cleaning out a closet there they were. I used it and my ridges actually disappeared, and my nails look awesome now. Bev, Sarasota, FL

I bought one of the Dead Sea Spa Care Nail Care Kits while at the mall a week ago. (Lotion-oil-buffer) the lotion and oil are wonderful. I was fascinated with the block for buffing nails. Thank you for developing these products. Erwin

Thank you for the super speedy response. Your customer service is something else! I actually buffed my nails last night at 2:30am because I couldn't sleep...and they look fabulous. Thank you for this great product! Susan

I recently bought one of your nail buffers at the mall. I absolutely love it, and will share this little secret with my family and friends. Thank you! Emily

These buffers are the best I have ever used! Thanks! Sue

I had to e-mail and say I am a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! I am a constant nail bitter. My dad told me I was biting my fingernails ever since my teeth came in. I tried many times before to try to stop this nasty habit. I was so bad...they say it takes 21 days to break a habit. Well I made it to 20 before then I woke up with my fingers hurting....I had chewed them in my sleep. I even tried "stop nail biting" solutions, once my mouth went numb that was it. Press on or fake nails...chewed them flat....smiles...Then one day at the mall a girl came up and grabbed my hands and said she was a bad fingernail bitter before also. She told me how she used your product and demonstrated how to use the buffer. I was amazed how great my nails looked. Then she told me to try to bite them. No matter how hard I tried I could not. I Needless to say I had brought 3 for your nail kits. Now it's a little over 3 months and I can say I have not bit my fingernails since. I tell everyone about your product and told them how it's help stop the "impossible habit" of 30 years. Once again, Thank You!!!!-Marlena

I was very skeptical about the nail buffer until after two weeks my nails were still beautiful and smooth. What a wonderful product. I am purchasing more for friends and family. You have a wonderful product. Thanks. Christa

I have been biting my nails for about 33 of my 36 years that I have been alive. I have tried numerous methods of not biting them from the nasty tasting products that you can put on your nails to practically having my wife slap my hands when she catches me doing it. Well one day after having lunch in the mall I walked by this booth and this lady came up to me and told me that she could make my nails look good and I replied by telling her that I didn't have any. Well she said what if I could show you something that would make you stop biting them I was like yeah ok whatever. After she cleaned my nails and buffed them I was so overwhelmed that I bought one of the kits and ever since then I have not bitten them again and that was over 3 months ago. They are now growing and look good and I never imagined how different it makes my hands look. I am a faithful customer and have told all of my fellow nail biters about it. You have a good product and it has blessed me more than you will ever know. Thanks again, James

Bought whole nail kit at mall. My dog chewed my nail buffer - I am so spoiled with it, I have to order another. I ordered an extra for my daughter. I have never seen anything like it - my nails look polished and stay that way for three weeks. Thank you for such a great product! Susan

Greetings from Kentucky!I am a nail technician and one of my clients purchased your kit while visiting family. I am very intrigued by the buffer, it is the easiest 3 way buffer that I have ever used! Usually, I wear myself out to get a pretty shine! And , I guess, something in the oil has made her nails stronger than ever. I am interested in becoming a distributor. Please contact me with the info! Thanks! Stephanie

I was on holiday in Florida on the 3rd of November and we went to the shopping mall and got my nail done to see what it would look like. I was surprised to see it when it was done so i got the nail care set I don't have much time to take care of my nails as I have 5 children to look after, but I will now. Mrs Henderson, England

Hi----I have recently returned from a traveling, and while there, and was given a demo on the nail buffer----it is now 2 weeks later and my one nail still looks great! As I live in Canada [Toronto, Ontario] I would love to be able to buy your products, especially that nail buffer -----and I know friends and family would also love it and the lotions. Could you please help me by telling me if I can get it here? I am willing to travel to Buffalo, New York to find your products---is there a mall there that would carry your products? I do thank you for your reply and I'll keep my fingers crossed! Joan

This congratulations is for a super product. My wife recently returned from a business trip. She had some free time and went to a local mall which had several kiosks selling everything you could imagine. She stopped at one of the kiosks and bought one of your patented nail buffer blocks. She was very pleased with the quality and ease of use of a fantastic product, so I took a look at it also. I watched my daughter try it on her nails and she wants to steal the one Mom has and not give it back. It is very difficult to impress either of these ladies, but impress them you did with a simple nail buffer. They are now looking forward to trying some of your other products. My thoughts are to ask what you require to become a distributor of your product line. I have an eBay store and no one carries your product anywhere near where we live in rural western Kentucky. I would want to also market your products on our college campus, our hospital and some locally owned stores. I do have a Kentucky sales and use permit available on request. I look forward to hearing your requirements and hope our relation will become mutually beneficial. Thank you. Mr. Dale