Cuticle Oil

Dead Sea Cuticle Oil Treatment
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Cuticle Oil

Our Cuticle Oil Treatment helps keep your cuticles and nail bed moisturized, stimulating healthy nail growth. Dead Sea Spa Care uses vitamin E, nourishing Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Oil, Avocado Oil and Sesame Oil are custom blended in our Cuticle Oil Treatment to give your cuticles a natural and invigorating treatment. Usually when you get a manicure your cuticles are trimmed back. This will no longer be necessary if you use the Dead Sea Spa Care Cuticle Oil Treatment daily. Dead Sea Spa Care Cuticle Oil Treatment when used to manicure your nails, will improve, dry, irritated, hanging nails and cuticles. By massaging the cuticle oil treatment into the nail bed, and meantime gently pushing the cuticles back, this will help keep your cuticles trim and in their natural, healthy state. It's as if you were using a thick, rich cuticle cream, but this rich, thin oil quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving your cuticles soft and moisturized. Order your Dead Sea Spa nail treatment products today to protect your nails, strengthen your nails to have a healthy nail bed. The Dead Sea Spa Care Cuticle Oil Treatment is made in Israel and comes in a one ounce bottle. Our cuticle oil treatment comes in our signature, Serenity scent.


We suggest keeping the Dead Sea Spa Care Cuticle Oil Treatment by your bed side and applying one small drop on each nail and massage it into your cuticle bed. By sitting still, you will ensure that the Dead Sea Cuticle Oil Treatment is soaked in. Only use the Dead Sea Spa Care Cuticle Oil Treatment after using the Professional, Patented Nail Buffer.

Product Benefits:
  • Cuticle Oil Treatment moisturizes nail bed
  • Cuticle Oil Treatment promotes natural nail growth
  • Cuticle Oil Treatment helps keep cuticles in their healthy natural state
  • Cuticle Oil Treatment helps stimulate blood flow to the cuticles
  • Cuticle Oil Treatment heals dry, cracked cuticles
Product Reviews:

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Your cuticle oil is excellent. Thanks! Geraldine

This is the best product I've ever used on my nails...Bonnie

I had these nasty ridges for the longest time, and I actually forgot that I had purchased the nail buffer and oil. After cleaning out a closet there they were. I used it and my ridges actually disappeared, and my nails look awesome now. Bev, Sarasota, FL

All the ladies I work with are hooked on your cuticle oil! We buy it every year as presents and stocking stuffers. I thank you and my cuticles do too! Kelly

I purchased three sets of the Nail kits with the cuticle oil, nail buffer and lotion, two as gifts and one for myself. I think the products are brilliant, my nails are wonderful - after more than 40 years of being a nail-biter it took your little Nail Buffer and the use of the oils/lotions to produce a handful of wonderful healthy looking nails. Excellent value for money my friends can't stop thanking me for their gifts they have wonderful nails also. Mrs Barrett

A wart, large and ugly, on the back of my hand, would not go away with several drug store remedies. As I used my cuticle oil treatment from "Dead Sea Spa Care" on my cuticles, I thought - try it on my wart - it sure can't hurt! I scraped the wart to allow the cuticle care to penetrate as other treatments directed and I used it daily for a time, as I noticed a difference. Lo and behold, the wart disappeared - It left the skin soft and with no scar. I had the back of my hand damaged from windshield glass.

After the Doctor removed the glass, I put the cuticle oil on it as well as the cucumber/melon lotion - that healed in just days - Imagine!! And, oh yes, I didn't mention that small burns won't blister if you immediately apply the cuticle treatment oil. By the way, I just don't want to be without it! Velna D., New Brunswick, Canada

PS I also use the "Dead Sea Salt Scrub". It certainly softens hands and feet. I love the clean, soft feeling after using it. A little bit goes a long way - Thank you!!