Please send us your contact information if you have any other questions for us to answer, any product requests or any additional information.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

I bought your product when i was on vacation in Orlando and my clients are excited about the product. Virginia, Spain

Today at our local mall I was approached by one of your sales people and he introduced me to your products. I must say that I am really amazed as to how the nail buffer shines your nails! I bought three sets, some Dead Sea salt scrub and some eye cream. I visited your website this evening to find out more information on your products. I am thrilled so see so many things available. I can't wait to buy more stuff! Thank you, Sue Ann

I first bought this eye cream while on vacation in Hawaii. I loved it and continued to try to find it on the Internet. I can't tell you how glad I was to find it here - and at such a great price. This stuff really works.

This cream is fantastic. Have the eye cream and the moisturizer. I'm 48 with very dry skin, but prone to breakouts. My skin feels amazing, and the moisturization LASTS. It improves your skin. VERY happy with this product. GET IT, you'll like it. Not too HEAVY either. It's RICH, but not too much so. NICE.

Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream

Your moisture cream is the best product I have ever used. Thanks! Lisa, Missouri I love, love, love these products. I received a gift set for Christmas this year, and I am hooked.
Thanks! Tiffany

I really love your products. My boyfriend and I both use them all the time. Katharyn

After my 25 year old daughter returned from a trip to the Dead Sea raving about the Dead Sea line of products, I decided to give it a try. I had never heard of the product line, but my daughter, who is very particular and savvy about what she buys, was relentless in saying, "GIve it a try, Mom!" I am a 58 year old woman who has lived in the sun of S. Florida for most of my adult life, so I ordered the anti-wrinkle cream. I've used the product for about one month, and I have noticed that my skin seems smoother and somewhat more evenly toned. A little dab completely covers my face. People with allergies might have a problem with this product because it does seem to be noticeably perfumed, at least compared to what I had been using for years.

Anti-Aging Peeling Gel

Recently I was traveling, and came across your products. My husband and I purchased MANY items from this booth at the mall. I am inquiring if I can purchase more jars of your peeling gel. I really enjoy your products and so does my husband. The young man that was working at the booth was so charming. Thank you for reading this e-mail. Judy

Cleansing Milk

I compared the active ingredients of this product to a much more expensive one I had and found they were very similar. It also performed as well as the higher priced one. I love it!!!

I had a demonstration of your products when I was in the mall in Hatillo Puerto Rico. I have been a customer for the last 5 years of your products. I bought several of your products: Dead Sea Salt scrub, Cleansing Milk, Anti-aging peeling gel and facial scrub, anti-wrinkle moisture cream, exfoliating scrub gel, body massage lotion and the spa care hand set. I started by using the body massage lotion in all my body but a bought it especially for my feet since I am a diabetic. Before using this lotion, I had to buffer my feet every day during the bath. I use the lotion every day before going to bed and now I only have to buffer my feet once every two weeks for maintenance. I also used the massage body lotion on my face every night to prevent skin flakes for dehydration due to my condition. This cream also helps to heal cuts and clarifies place were the skin had been burn or acquired a darker color. When my mother was in intensive care unit, I use to massage her feet with the sea lotion and perform a facial with your products. I am pretty amaze with your products and I have been recommending them to my friend and giving everybody my testimony.
Thanks again, Vicklaida B

I have used your products just a few times. Each time I feel refreshed after only a few seconds. I love the fact that the actual minerals are used in the manufacturing process. I think that your nail buffer is brilliant! It makes my fingernails feel as they are covered with clear nail polish because they are so smooth and shiny. When I show my nails to my friends and tell them that they are polished by your nail buffer they don?t believe me. My skin has never felt so soft and I have never felt so soft and I have never felt as clean as I do after using the Dead Sea Spa Care Cleansing Milk. I plan on using your products more in the future. Thank you for making such good products.
Sincerely, Chasya K., Ohio.

Large Nail Kit

I bought the products at a mall and absolutely love them. They do what they profess to do. Jackie, Indiana

Love your products. I bought 5 nail kits for friends at Christmas and they all love it. Debra, Lousiana

We bought several sets, especially of the nail kit. Since we came home my wife has been promoting your products to her friends, who seem quite interested. In fact people are interested to such an extent that we were wondering whether this could be a business opportunity. Terje, Norway

I recently received the nail kit as a Christmas gift...I love your products. I live in the Cleveland, Ohio you have any distributors in my area....if not, send info on how I might become a distributor for your company. Thanks again for such wonderful products! Kathy

Thank you so much for your quick response! Your customer service is so great! Everyone I show this nail care kit method to is so impressed, I just wish someone had a local distributor much closer to the Banner Elk area. Joan

I received a nail kit as a gift and I just love it... I would like to purchase gift kits for the holidays for my friends....
Thanks for any information, Terri

I recently purchased a nail kit at a local mall. I have used the kit about 3 times since I bought it.... frankly it has done wonders and it has restored my nails.
Thanks! Analisa

I recieved as a gift, the nail kit, and I love it. I wanted to try some more of your products. Carla

I bought a kit and cannot believe how shiny and healthy my nails look! Penrose Love this stuff!! Nothing compares to it, anywhere! Barbara

I first found your product when I was vacationing in Chicago in August. My son and I were in a mall on the Magnificent Mile when I ran into your little kiosk. I was interested in your nail buffer but I ended up with the whole kit and ka boodle!! Boy, I am happy I absolutely LOVE your product, I just wanted you to know that. Our mall here in San Bruno California just reopened and I found your product ocean therapy there and I bought more, YEAHHHHHH!!! Keep up the good work. Loving your product in San Bruno, Tracy

Nail Buffer

I had these nasty ridges for the longest time, and I actually forgot that I had purchased the nail buffer and oil. After cleaning out a closet there they were. I used it and my ridges actually disappeared, and my nails look awesome now. Bev, Sarasota, FL

Better than a professional manicure!! Dixie

I bought one of the Dead Sea Spa Care Nail Care Kits while at the mall a week ago. (Lotion-oil-buffer) the lotion and oil are wonderful. I was fascinated with the block for buffing nails. Thank you for developing these products. Erwin

Thank you for the super speedy response. Your customer service is something else! I actually buffed my nails last night at 2:30am because I couldn't sleep...and they look fabulous. Thank you for this great product! Susan

I recently bought one of your nail buffers at the mall. I absolutely love it, and will share this little secret with my family and friends. Thank you! Emily

These buffers are the best I have ever used! Thanks! Sue

I had to e-mail and say I am a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! I am a constant nail bitter. My dad told me I was biting my fingernails ever since my teeth came in. I tried many times before to try to stop this nasty habit. I was so bad...they say it takes 21 days to break a habit. Well I made it to 20 before then I woke up with my fingers hurting....I had chewed them in my sleep. I even tried "stop nail biting" solutions, once my mouth went numb that was it. Press on or fake nails...chewed them flat....smiles...Then one day at the mall a girl came up and grabbed my hands and said she was a bad fingernail bitter before also. She told me how she used your product and demonstrated how to use the buffer. I was amazed how great my nails looked. Then she told me to try to bite them. No matter how hard I tried I could not. I Needless to say I had brought 3 for your nail kits. Now it's a little over 3 months and I can say I have not bit my fingernails since. I tell everyone about your product and told them how it's help stop the "impossible habit" of 30 years. Once again, Thank You!!!!-Marlena

I was very skeptical about the nail buffer until after two weeks my nails were still beautiful and smooth. What a wonderful product. I am purchasing more for friends and family. You have a wonderful product. Thanks. Christa

I have been biting my nails for about 33 of my 36 years that I have been alive. I have tried numerous methods of not biting them from the nasty tasting products that you can put on your nails to practically having my wife slap my hands when she catches me doing it. Well one day after having lunch in the mall I walked by this booth and this lady came up to me and told me that she could make my nails look good and I replied by telling her that I didn't have any. Well she said what if I could show you something that would make you stop biting them I was like yeah ok whatever. After she cleaned my nails and buffed them I was so overwhelmed that I bought one of the kits and ever since then I have not bitten them again and that was over 3 months ago. They are now growing and look good and I never imagined how different it makes my hands look. I am a faithful customer and have told all of my fellow nail biters about it. You have a good product and it has blessed me more than you will ever know. Thanks again, James

Bought whole nail kit at mall. My dog chewed my nail buffer - I am so spoiled with it, I have to order another. I ordered an extra for my daughter. I have never seen anything like it - my nails look polished and stay that way for three weeks. Thank you for such a great product! Susan

Greetings from Kentucky!I am a nail technician and one of my clients purchased your kit while visiting family. I am very intrigued by the buffer, it is the easiest 3 way buffer that I have ever used! Usually, I wear myself out to get a pretty shine! And , I guess, something in the oil has made her nails stronger than ever. I am interested in becoming a distributor. Please contact me with the info! Thanks! Stephanie

I was on holiday in Florida on the 3rd of November and we went to the shopping mall and got my nail done to see what it would look like. I was surprised to see it when it was done so i got the nail care set I don't have much time to take care of my nails as I have 5 children to look after, but I will now. Mrs Henderson, England

Hi----I have recently returned from a traveling, and while there, and was given a demo on the nail buffer----it is now 2 weeks later and my one nail still looks great! As I live in Canada [Toronto, Ontario] I would love to be able to buy your products, especially that nail buffer -----and I know friends and family would also love it and the lotions. Could you please help me by telling me if I can get it here? I am willing to travel to Buffalo, New York to find your products---is there a mall there that would carry your products? I do thank you for your reply and I'll keep my fingers crossed! Joan

This congratulations is for a super product. My wife recently returned from a business trip. She had some free time and went to a local mall which had several kiosks selling everything you could imagine. She stopped at one of the kiosks and bought one of your patented nail buffer blocks. She was very pleased with the quality and ease of use of a fantastic product, so I took a look at it also. I watched my daughter try it on her nails and she wants to steal the one Mom has and not give it back. It is very difficult to impress either of these ladies, but impress them you did with a simple nail buffer. They are now looking forward to trying some of your other products. My thoughts are to ask what you require to become a distributor of your product line. I have an eBay store and no one carries your product anywhere near where we live in rural western Kentucky. I would want to also market your products on our college campus, our hospital and some locally owned stores. I do have a Kentucky sales and use permit available on request. I look forward to hearing your requirements and hope our relation will become mutually beneficial. Thank you. Mr. Dale

Cuticle Oil

Your cuticle oil is excellent. Thanks! Geraldine

This is the best product I've ever used on my nails...Bonnie

All the ladies I work with are hooked on your cuticle oil! We buy it every year as presents and stocking stuffers. I thank you and my cuticles do too! Kelly

I purchased three sets of the Nail kits with the cuticle oil, nail buffer and lotion, two as gifts and one for myself. I think the products are brilliant, my nails are wonderful - after more than 40 years of being a nail-biter it took your little Nail Buffer and the use of the oils/lotions to produce a handful of wonderful healthy looking nails. Excellent value for money my friends can't stop thanking me for their gifts they have wonderful nails also. Mrs Barrett

Hand and Body Massage Lotion

I have used this product for over a year and love it! I have eczema on my hands and have tried everything to regain control, including prescriptions, but nothing worked until I bought this one day at the mall. It soaks into your skin and does not leave it feeling greasy. I could not imagine trying to live without it again!

Love this stuff! I have dry brittle skin from diabetes and using this lotion on my hands, feet & elbows 2/3 times a day is incredible. Melody, NY

My name is Olivia and I would like to start off by saying that I love your products and would love more information. I have been to you Web site and found it very interesting. I am currently a massage therapy student and will be licensed in about one year. When I saw you products in the mall I immediately thought of using it for massage treatments, and I would like to know if your company might approve of this idea.

I received the set for a Christmas present and absolutely love it!!!! I had gotten some lotion when I was in Israel back in 1998 but could never find it here in the states. Thanks! It works great on my face as well! Thanks! Shannon

Hi! A friend of mine recently bought several of your products whilst on holiday in the USA. I have now been using your hand and body massage lotion on my hands for 5 days and the improvement in my psoriasis is brilliant. My self and several friends would like to place an order. Very much look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Lesley

Hi there, When I was in Chicago last Oct. I bought some of your amazing stuff, the nail kit with the buffer is outstanding, and the Dead Sea salt scrub, delicious, though my favorite product is the body and hand massage lotion, the cucumber/ melon scent, I just love the way it makes my hands feel. Being a Chef I do wash my hands constantly, and that dries them out. My problem is the second bottle I bought is almost empty. Jesper

A wart, large and ugly, on the back of my hand, would not go away with several drug store remedies. As I used my cuticle oil treatment from "Dead Sea Spa Care" on my cuticles, I thought ? try it on my wart - it sure can't hurt! I scraped the wart to allow the cuticle care to penetrate as other treatments directed and I used it daily for a time, as I noticed a difference. Lo and behold, the wart disappeared - It left the skin soft and with no scar. I had the back of my hand damaged from windshield glass. After the Doctor removed the glass, I put the cuticle oil on it as well as the cucumber/melon lotion - that healed in just days - Imagine!! And, oh yes, I didn't mention that small burns won?t blister if you immediately apply the cuticle treatment oil. By the way, I just don't want to be without it! Velna D. New Brunswick Canada

PS I also use the "Dead Sea Salt Scrub". It certainly softens hands and feet. I love the clean, soft feeling after using it. A little bit goes a long way - Thank you!!

Shea Body Butter

My name is Jose., and I am writing to you from Mexico City. I am 73 years old, and have suffered from psoriasis on my hands and feet for many years. I just wanted to write to you to thank you for developing the Salt Scrubs and Shea Body Butter. I have never experienced such relief as I have with your products. Over the years, I have visited countless numbers of doctors in several countries, and have tried hundreds of prescription and over-the-counter products to try and relieve my psoriasis. I have been to the Dead Sea, and know first hand how wonderful, and special that water is for everyone, especially those of us with skin problems. It's good to know there are still companies out there who care about developing quality products, and will go the extra mile to develop products that will make a difference! I have shared my story with others that also suffer from psoriasis, they have tried the product, and have had the same incredible results. I will be a customer for life!

I have been using nearly all the products and love them. I especially love the shea body butter, it smells wonderful. Mary

Pain Relieving Heat Cream

For a long time, probably over 30 years, I have had to take either over the counter or prescribed pain relievers having to overcome the side affects of taking medicine such as dizziness, the possibility of liver damage, stomach ulcers, etc. When I heard about the Dead Sea Spa Care Pain Relieving Heat Cream I thought it was one more product just advertising miracles. Since I started using the Pain Relieving Heat Cream I do not have to take any drugs, no side effects. The results are just amazing I am able to walk, and move easier and be almost pain free. Thank you for developing this amazing product that provides so much relief! I can’t imagine living without it. Rosie

Moisturizing Hair Cream

I had some fake nails put on and had no idea how much they would damage my real nail's. I was walking thought the mall in Indianapolis and this lady stop me and ask me if I would be interested in a demo of your product I was almost to embarrassed to show her my nails and walk away, I am so glad that I let her do the demo. I could not believe it not only did the nail kit repaired my nails it also help them grow back out. Every day you hear about these so called wonderful products that are to repair everything form your hair to your feet. But yours really works. Liz

Dead Sea Dry Salt Scrub

Whist I was in Florida on my holidays I was in Florida mall and a member of staff who works for you introduced me to your Dead Sea salt scrub. Works wonders I have had eczema for 18 years and still have it but the Dead Sea salt scrub seems to tame my eczema and still makes my skin soft I would recommend this product to any eczema sufferer. Thanks a lot, Chris

I absolutely love your nail buffer and revitalizing body cream. I also received the Dead Sea Salt Scrub and in two uses, it has changed my hands completely. I sew and from materials and threads going thru my hands, it dries them out a lot to the point I am ashamed for someone to hold my hand during prayer at church. Well, this past Sunday, I was not ashamed! I thank you for your products. I will be a repeat customer. Sincerely, Cindy F.

Hello, I recently bought a container of the Dead Sea Salt Scrub and LOVE it. I really think my sister would love it too. I bought it while I was out of town and would like to see if I can find it again or order it. Thank you for your time. Aja

I tried one of your products when while traveling, a saleswoman approached me to introduce me to the Dead Sea Salt Scrub in pomegranate passion. I loved the product and would like to buy more. Can you let me know how I can purchase your product locally? Thank you, Carmen

I purchased your Dead Sea Salt Scrub last Christmas for myself. I love that product. There is nothing better than after a long day, but to take a hot bath. The scent of your product brings a smile to my face. I just want to smell it over and over. Lisa

Hi, I just bought the kit with the buffer, cuticle lotion and lotion in the mall in Spokane yesterday and I love it. I also bought the scrub and wanted to tell a friend about ordering both the scrub and the kit on line. She has psoriasis and this just might be the thing to help her... Thanks Sue

I absolutely love your product line, the best lotion and salt scrub I have ever used! Thanks again, Joann

Kabbalah Jewelry

I Ordered This Bracelet Hesitantly Thinking It Would Be "Flimsy" . It Is Definitely Not~!!!!! I Dropped My Mouth When I Saw It. It Is The Most Beautiful Bracelet I Have Seen In A Long Time. I Also Ordered Another Bracelet Which Is Very Pretty But Nothing Like This One. Do Yourself A Favor And Buy One. You Will Never Ever Regret It. I Am Thinking Of Ordering Another One Just In Case I Lose This One Or I Break It -Lol.

Received the "hamsa" Kaballah bracelet a few days ago and have worn it every day since.It is well made/ comfortable/ and I hope to order some more for the holidays. Have gotten alot of compliments!!!!!!! on it.Very happy with it!!!!! Just what I was looking for.