32 oz Dry Salt Scrub Bath Set

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The Dead Sea Spa Care Dry Salt Scrub Bath Set includes:

  • Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion, 8 oz
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Body Wash. 8 oz
  • 32oz Dry Dead Sea Spa Care Salt Scrub
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Pumice Stone

The Dead Sea Spa Care Dry Salt Scrub Bath Set includes all the skin care products you need to exfoliate and soften your dry skin. Simply apply a few drops of the Body Wash on the pumice stone while in the shower to exfoliate dry areas such as the heels on your feet, elbows or knees. You can use the body wash all over to cleans your skin. The Dry Salt Scrub is a great product to exfoliate your dry skin cells. This Dry Dead Sea salt scrub is a great body scrub for all of your exfoliating, scrubing an polishing needs. Your skin will feel smooth, soft and refreshed after using our aromatherapy scrub products. Our body scrubs use fine Dead Sea salt, and we use fragrance oil in our salt scrubs. Our scented body scrubs will leave your skin not only soft, but smelling wonderful. The Hand and Body Massage Lotion should be used after the shower to moisturize your skin. Protect and hydrate your skin all day with the Dead Sea Spa Care rich formula blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil used in the Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion. These wonderful, natural humectants plus the minerals from the Dead Sea intensify cell regeneration, leaving your skin instantly silky smooth and soft, not oily or greasy. All our products contain minerals from the Dead Sea, which are wonderful for your skin, and can be used for all skin types. The Dead Sea Spa care Dry Salt Scrub Bath Set makes wonderful presents for all occasions.

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