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Authentic Judaica Kabbalah Jewelry from Israel! Red Bendel String and Evil Eye bracelets in sterling silver make great gift ideas. As you may know, Kabbalah is the mystical segment of Jewish studies that gives explanations between the physical and the spiritual, and because it is so interesting, the popularity of the Judaica Kabbalah jewelry has grown. You may have seen people wearing a thin red string or a silver bracelet with red string interwoven. This red string is worn to ward off misfortune believed to be brought by the evil eye  It’s believed that the evil eye is a very powerful negative force in Kabbalah observation.  It refers to the unfriendly stare and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us. According to Kabbalah, the critical need to confront the problem of negative influences cannot be underestimated. Kabbalah teaches us that we can remove intrusive negative influences by using tools such as the Red String. The red string itself is made from thin red wool thread. This red Kabbalah thread is wound around the tomb of Rachel in Israel and is considered to have great powers "good fortune" and grant added divine protection to those who wear it. Why is it wound around the tomb of Rachel? Rachel is believed to be mother of the world and her greatest desire was to protect all children from evil. Throughout her life, Rachel acted as the protector of all humankind. The red Kabalist thread is believed to be a powerful spiritual protector which wards off the "evil eye" and red thread worn as a bracelet, known as a Bendel, is said to protect one from the evil eye. Now available are Sterling Silver Chain Bracelets from Jerusalem with the "Red Bendel" threaded thru the loops.

The Kabbalah Red String Bracelet that Madonna "Esther" and other celebrities wear regardless of their religion is actually a centuries-old spiritual tool believed to protect against the envious look of others as well as to help us eliminate feelings of jealously and resentment within ourselves. The Kabbalah jewelry is usually worn around the left wrist.

The Red String has been used as a tool of protection by followers of the Kabbalah for centuries. The practice, developed by the ancient sages, involves winding the red string seven times around the tomb of the great Matriarch, Rachel located in the Land of Israel. The string is then cut it into pieces and worn on the left wrist. The left hand is considered by Kabbalah to be the receiving side for the body and soul. By wearing the Red String on our left wrist, it is believed we can receive a vital connection to the protective energies surrounding the tomb of Rachel. Kabbalists believe one can receive protection from any negative forces sent out simply by intercepting them before the body and soul receives them. Which would allow those who wear the Bendel, to take Rachel's powerful protective energy with them and draw from it anytime.

Kabbalists believe that by seeking the Light of holy persons, such as Rachel, they can use their powerful influence to assist them. According to Kabbalah, Rachel represents the physical world in which we live. Her greatest desire is to protect and defend all of her children from evil. Kabbalists believe that the red string allows people to take Rachel’s powerful protective energy with them, so they are able to draw from it any time they need extra power or blessings.

The Dead Sea Spa Care Sterling Silver Bendel bracelets are available with either a Heart or Hamsa charm, and are available in adult, children and baby sizes, including: 5, 6, 7 or 8 inches.

The matching Sterling Silver Bendel necklace is available with a Star of David charm.

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I Ordered This Bracelet Hesitantly Thinking It Would Be "Flimsy" . It Is Definitely Not~!!!!! I Dropped My Mouth When I Saw It. It Is The Most Beautiful Bracelet I Have Seen In A Long Time. I Also Ordered Another Bracelet Which Is Very Pretty But Nothing Like This One. Do Yourself A Favor And Buy One. You Will Never Ever Regret It. I Am Thinking Of Ordering Another One Just In Case I Lose This One Or I Break It -Lol.

Received the "hamsa" Kaballah bracelet a few days ago and have worn it every day since.It is well made/ comfortable/ and I hope to order some more for the holidays. Have gotten alot of compliments!!!!!!! on it.Very happy with it!!!!! Just what I was looking for.