Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream

Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream
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Here is the Dead Sea Anti Wrinkle Moisture Cream, Dead Sea moisturizer, facial moisturizer you've been looking for. Dead Sea Spa Care Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream is specially formulated with Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin A & Vitamin E, which are known to be powerful anti-oxidants and skin strengthening natural ingredients to nourish and moisten your skin. This intensive anti wrinle cream is for natural treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. This wrinkle cream will leave your skin looking younger than ever. The gentle blend of rejuvenating minerals and beneficial properties of the Dead Sea found in this Dead Sea Anti Wrinkle Moisture Cream allows for fresh and radiant skin to emerge. The Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream natural filter protection, due to the special Aloe Vera complex in the products, to help protect your skin from the effects of environmental damage. The ingredients provide UVA and UVB sun filters that protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. A little goes a long way with this nourishing formula in the Dead Sea Anti Wrinkle Moisture Cream to leave your skin feeling wonderfully supple, effectively hydrated and protected all day. The Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream is made in Israel and is offered in a 50 ml / 1.7 oz jar.


After cleansing your face and neck with the Dead Sea Spa Care Cleansing Milk, gently massage the Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream into your skin until absorbed. For best results, apply in the morning and at night, or any time your skin needs a moisturizing lift. You should also apply the Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream onto the eye contour area, gently massaging until absorbed. Anti aging skin treatments are most successful if done daily to try and reduce primary causes of premature skin aging and reduce wrinkles.

Skin types:

Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Mature Skin, Non-Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types

Treatment for:

Wrinkles, Anti-Aging Skin, Fine Lines, Dark Circles, Sun Damage, Loss of Elasticity, Puffiness

Product Benefits:
  • Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream leaves skin hydrated and protected all day
  • Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream helps restore the skin's natural tone, reducing wrinkles and the signs of pre-mature aging of your skin
  • Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream double as sunscreens due to the nature of the mineral mud
  • Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream contains numerous beneficial minerals from the Dead Sea
  • Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream contains anti-oxidant and vitamins in addition to the beneficial mineral mud
  • Magnesium fights aging by stimulating skin cells to regenerate
Product Reviews:

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Your moisture cream is the best product I have ever used. Thanks! Lisa, Missouri

I love, love, love these products. I received a gift set for Christmas this year, and I am hooked. Thanks! Tiffany

I really love your products. My boyfriend and I both use them all the time. Katharyn

After my 25 year old daughter returned from a trip to the Dead Sea raving about the Dead Sea line of products, I decided to give it a try. I had never heard of the product line, but my daughter, who is very particular and savvy about what she buys, was relentless in saying, "GIve it a try, Mom!" I am a 58 year old woman who has lived in the sun of S. Florida for most of my adult life, so I ordered the anti-wrinkle cream. I've used the product for about one month, and I have noticed that my skin seems smoother and somewhat more evenly toned. A little dab completely covers my face. People with allergies might have a problem with this product because it does seem to be noticeably perfumed, at least compared to what I had been using for years.