Dead Sea Pain Relieving Heat Cream

Pain Relieving Heat Cream in a Jar

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Pain Relieving Heat Cream in a jar

Dead Sea Spa Care Pain Relieving Heat Cream decreases aches and pain in muscles and joints caused by strains while exercising, simple backaches, arthritis, tendonitis, cramps or sprains. We now have a new wide mouth jar container, for easier dispensing. The Dead Sea Spa Care Pain Relieving Heat Cream is enriched with Dead Sea Salts known for centuries for their healing affects due to its high concentration of minerals. These Dead Sea minerals are combined with Passionflower extract, Evening Primrose, Eucalyptus, Olive and Orange oils, which are known in alternative medicine as a strong moisturizing agents for skin-care treatment, which is what makes this Pain Relieving Cream so effective. Chamomile and Arnica extracts and Aloe Vera Gel are known for calming the skin and preventing the skin dryness. Enriched with Vitamin E, known to be a powerful anti-oxidant. Massage therapist highly recommend the Dead Sea Spa Care Pain Relieving Heat Cream to be used during massage therapy treatments, and in between massage sessions.


Apply a small amount of the Dead Sea Spa Care Pain Relieving Heat Cream in your hands and massage into your skin until absorbed. For best results apply the Dead Sea Spa Care Pain Relieving Heat Cream after your shower, while your skin is moist, or anytime your skin needs a moisturizing lift. You can re-apply the Dead Sea Spa Care Pain Relieving Heat Cream a couple of times a day, anytime you feel an ache or pain.

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FIVE STARS!! This product is GREAT! It is so soothing, and contains natural ingredients! In my experience, this product is not to be used soley for pain, but rather in conjuction with a medical pain reliever. Kristina, SF

It works great for my back! Smell disappears very fast, so I can apply it before I go to work. I really would recommend it to anyone! PA

Great stuff & great value! I recommend for all. It makes your skin tingle & the effects are immediate. Rose, Phoeniz

Works GREAT! I keep one in every room of my house! FIVE Stars from Long Island!

I bought the Pain Relieving Heat Cream for my Grandmother for all of her aches and pains... well, her *severe* aches & pains... and she hasn't stopped talking about how onderful it is! She's asking me to go ahead and order more before she runs out! haha! Then when my back muscles were acting up, she rubbed some on me, and now I'm ordering for the both of us!!  Thanks for a great product for the young & old!! Cassie

For a long time, probably more than 30 years, I have had to take either over the counter or prescribed pain relievers having to overcome the side affects of taking medicine such as dizziness, the possibility of liver damage, stomach ulcers, etc. When I heard about the Dead Sea Spa Care Pain Relieving Heat Cream I thought it was one more product just advertising miracles. Since I started using the Pain Relieving Heat Cream I do not have to take any drugs, no side effects. The results are just amazing I am able to walk, and move easier and be almost pain free. Thank you for developing this amazing product that provides so much relief! I can't imagine living without it. Rosie