Hand and Body Massage Lotion

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Hand Body Massage Lotion

Dead Sea lotion like no other body lotion. Protect and hydrate your dry skin all day with Dead Sea Spa Care's rich formula blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil used in the Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion, body cream. These wonderful Dead Sea products, natural humectants plus the minerals from the Dead Sea intensify cell regeneration, leaving your skin instantly silky smooth and soft, not oily and greasy like other hand cream. The Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion is formulated to soften even the driest skin, an delivers long-lasting moisture. Our Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion comes in a variety of wonderful, delicious scents. Our moisturizing body creams lotion are made in Israel and come in an 8 ounce bottle, with an easy dispensing cap. Treat yourself to a body masasge with a moisturizing body cream.


Apply a small amount if the Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion onto your hands and massage into your skin until absorbed. For best results apply daily after showering or anytime your skin needs a moisturizing lift. It's important to use the Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion when your skin feels dry, as well as after exposure to the sun. Apply liberally to the entire body as often as desired.

Product Benefits:
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion nourishes and prevents redness, peeling, dryness and cracking of the hand skin
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion intensify healing and cell regeneration with mineral-rich Dead Sea salts
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion softens and replenishes skin
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion contains numerous beneficial minerals from the Dead Sea
Skin types:

Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Mature Skin, Non-Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types

Product Reviews:

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I have used this product for over a year and love it! I have eczema on my hands and have tried everything to regain control, including prescriptions, but nothing worked until I bought this one day at the mall. It soaks into your skin and does not leave it feeling greasy. I could not imagine trying to live without it again!

Soothing and smoothing for rough and dry skin, but not messy or oily. My wife uses the lotion daily to soften and protect her weather exposed and chafed skin, and she says the Dead Sea Spa products compare favorably with other products she has used. The ingredients are natural enough not to cause any irritation to my easily aroused allergies. From, Atlanta

Love this stuff! I have dry brittle skin from diabetes and using this lotion on my hands, feet & elbows 2/3 times a day is incredible. Melody, NY

My name is Olivia and I would like to start off by saying that I love your products and would love more information. I have been to you Web site and found it very interesting. I am currently a massage therapy student and will be licensed in about one year. When I saw you products in the mall I immediately thought of using it for massage treatments, and I would like to know if your company might approve of this idea.

I received the set for a Christmas present and absolutely love it!!!! I had gotten some lotion when I was in Israel back in 1998 but could never find it here in the states. Thanks! It works great on my face as well! Thanks! Shannon

Hi! A friend of mine recently bought several of your products whilst on holiday in the USA. I have now been using your hand and body massage lotion on my hands for 5 days and the improvement in my psoriasis is brilliant. My self and several friends would like to place an order. Very much look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Lesley

Hi there, When I was in Chicago last Oct. I bought some of your amazing stuff, the nail kit with the buffer is outstanding, and the Dead Sea salt scrub, delicious, though my favorite product is the body and hand massage lotion, the cucumber/ melon scent, I just love the way it makes my hands feel. Being a Chef I do wash my hands constantly, and that dries them out. My problem is the second bottle I bought is almost empty. Jesper