Pumice Stones

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The Dead Sea Spa Care Pumice Stones are to be used to scrub away the dry rough skin such as the bottom of your feet, your heels, elbows or knees. Although a pumice stone is something basic, it is a very useful tool to smooth rough spots and dry areas. The Dead Sea Spa Care Pumice Stone can effectively reduce corns and calluses. Used regularly with a drop of the Dead Sea Spa Care Body Wash while bathing or showering, the Dead Sea Spa Care Pumice Stone will work wonders in rejuvenating your worn, calloused skin. We recommend that you apply our Dead Sea Spa Care Shea Body Butter to your feet after showering to moisturize and restore the skin.


We recommend using the Dead Sea Spa Care Pumice Stones in the shower either with our Body Wash or Dead Sea Salt Scrub to help make areas such as the heels of your feet soft and smooth. First soak the Dead Sea Spa Care Pumice stone. Put a few drops of the Body Wash or Salt Scrub on the stone and gently massage your dry, rough areas. It is a gradual process, but with regular use those dry, rough areas will be soft and sooth. You will need to use the Dead Sea Spa Care Pumice Stone gently. If you rub too hard you can break the skin or cause cuts or scratches.

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This stone is awesome, it will be purchasing some more of these! It has held up well and exfoliates very well. you will notice the difference.

Before I bought this product I had a very rough heels. I started using the product immediate they got delivered and my heels are getting smooth and I'm glad that I gave the product a trial.

All of the 4 stones are perfect quality - very solid and sturdy. I've been using mine for almost a month and it looks brand new. I have one in each shower.. Very convenient.