Dead Sea Exfoliating Scrub Cream

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Dead Sea Spa Care Body Scrub Cream turns your shower into an aromatherapy spa. Specially formulated with Dead Sea Minerals to exfoliate your skin while moisturizing. The gentle blend of rejuvenating minerals and beneficial properties of the Dead Sea exfoliates your skin allowing fresh and radiant skin to emerge. If you like showering with a body wash or a shower gel, you will love this Body Scrub Cream. A little goes a long way with this nourishing formula to restore your skin's natural tone and revitalize your skin. This Body Scrub Cream is made in Israel. The Dead Sea Spa Care Exfoliating Scrub Cream is made in Israel, and comes in an 8 ounce tube.


Apply a small amount in your hands and massage into your wet skin while in the shower, especially on areas that feel rough or dry. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. This gentle, exfoliating scrub can be used daily. For an extra moisturizing lift, use the Dead Sea Revitalizing Body Cream after the shower. The Scrub Cream is to be used on days your skin feels more dry versus the Scrub Gel, which you would use on days your skin feels more oily.

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