Dead Sea Body Wash

Dead Sea Body Wash
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Dead Sea Body Wash

Why is finding a great Dead Sea body wash or shower gel important? Your shower time may truly be your only relaxing time of the day, and a wonderful smelling body wash can make your bathing experience feel like a breath of fresh air. Make your bathing experience luxurious and pleasurable for your body and soul, with our exclusive Dead Sea Spa Care Body Wash. Our Dead Sea body wash, shower gel leaves your skin clean, soft and fresh. Just a few drops is all it takes to have an exfoliating body wash. Dead Sea products are popular because of the Dead Sea salt and Dead Sea minerals found in these products, and our Dead Sea Body Wash has minerals from the Dead Sea, are wonderful for your skin. So if you are looking for body soap, body cleansers, liquid hand soap or just a wonderful smelling shower gel, look no further. You will be very happy with this moisturizing body wash by Dead Sea Spa Care. The Dead Sea Body Wash comes in a variety of scents.The Dead Sea Body Wash comes in a variety of scents. Our Dead Sea Body Wash is made in Israel and contains beneficial minerals from the Dead Sea. Our Dead Sea Body Wash is offered in an 8 oz bottle with an easy dispensing cap.


While in the shower, or when washing your hands, apply a small amount in your hands of our Dead Sea Body Wash and massage into your skin until it lathers. Rinse off Dead Sea body wash, and pat your skin dry. We recommend using the Dead Sea Body Wash with one of our pumice stones. You can place a few drops of our Dead Sea Body Wash on the pumice stone. Gently massage your skin, especially rough areas such as the heels of your feet with the pumice stone. Rinse off the Dead Sea  Body Wash, and pat dry your skin. After the shower, moisturize with the Dead Sea Spa Care Hand and Body Massage Lotion.

Product Benefits:
  • Dead Sea Body Wash cleanses body of impurities
  • Dead Sea Body Wash intensify healing and cell regeneration with mineral-rich Dead Sea salt
  • Dead Sea Body Wash revives, restores and refreshes skin
  • Dead Sea Body Wash contains numerous beneficial minerals from the Dead Sea
Skin types:

Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Mature Skin, Non-Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types

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