Cargo Running Belt, Fanny Pack or Waist Belt for Carrying Personal Items

Cargo Belt
Running Belt $16.95

Cargo Belt, or this fanny pack is specialized to carry personal items for runners, or active people. 

Why are Cargo Belts so popular?

Are you looking for a great accessory to carry your personal items? Look no further. The Cargo Belt is the perfect solution for runners any one active alike. The adjustable belt fits to perfection. The spandex pouch will comfortably hold keys, phone, wallet or small personal items.  The belt fits securely and doesn't shift while you run. So keep your hands free to play with the kids, hold a cold beverage or keep your pace while running. The Cargo Belt will take care of storing your personal items, so you can keep your hands free, and you can focus on being active, worry free. 

These Cargo Belts can also be referred to as: Travel Belt, Hiking Belt, Money Belt, Safety Belt, Pouch, Waist Belt, Travel Accessory, Fanny Pack, Phone Holder, Travel Pouch. This running belt is a great belt for storing personal items.

Cargo Belts are good for carrying items such as:
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Watch
  • Glasses
  • iPod
  • Emergency Medical
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